Special USA heater features

Buying Kimberley Kampers for USA Customers

Kamper Heater Pak

King Kampers will be available with an optional Heater Pak which has a 6,824.28 BTU per hour diesel fired heater. It is 2Kw with remote control unit at bed head for temperature control.

The intake and exhaust for the heater is external to the Kamper with the internal air for the Kamper passing over a high efficiency heat exchanger. The diesel is supplied via an external fuel line from the Gullwing storage pak where the Jerry Cans are fitted. The unit can only be used when the Kamper is open.

This has been tested with excellent results. With an outside ambient of 2 degrees centigrade (36 degress F) , the heater was able to maintain an inside ambient of 17 degress centigrade (60 degrees F) on one third the power. On full power of 2Kw, the Campers temperature rose to 27.8 degrees c(78 degrees F).

This UNIT NEEDS 9 Amps of power on startup, after which it uses 1 A per hour (12Watts) on a low setting and 2A per hour on a high setting.. Because of the high startup load, it can only be used with Campers with at least 140Ah of Battery capacity.

The heater consumes about 1 gallon diesel in 14 hours at full load and can have a duct fitted to heat the external annex tent space around the kitchen . In the test case, it used less then 0.18 liters per hour at the one third thermostat setting. This means a 20 liter (5 US Gallons) Jerry will give 110 hours of heat or 14 days at about 8 hours/day