Kamper and Karavan

Buying Kimberley Kampers for USA Customers

Researching the Australian Website

The detail on our Kampers is on the Australian Websites.
It has information on the Australian Specifications, the canvas layouts, the technology we use and pricing.

To see this click here and it will open in a new window

The models well suited to the USA are:

Opened Up in Camp all these models have the same canvas layout options

The Kamper Model

Typically about US$40,000
with selected options
(always with heater)

For those after the TOP of the Line, here is our Karavan

Kimberley Karavan

Typically about US$75,000
with selected options
(always with heater)

No other Off Road Unit like it in the world

Over 600 units sold in Australia since release in 2006

go to www.kimberleykaravans.com

Ten Technologies

Unique to Kimberley that
make travelling easier

1. Electronic Disc Brakes- ultimate in stopping power - anywhere!

2. Monotube shock absorbers- dissipate more heat generated by corrugations

3. Diesel Hot Water - virtually instantaneous on demand at sink and shower

4. Visiflow- use water from your tank Or from a stream or pond, pump up to 14ft head

5. One Touch electric flush toilets for easy use at anytime without fuss- can be emptied anywhere!

6. Patented Hidden Table system that converts lounge to Dining area in seconds.

7. Di-electric Membrane Heater under bed - no condensation and cosy bed at night

8. LED Flexistrips made especially for Kimberley with high 6500o colour temperature that reduces attraction to bugs. Patented inside Kamper roof-soft strip LED.

9. Ceramic top diesel cooker that is a breeze to clean and yet doubles as more bench space when not in use!.

10. Space heater that operates with whisper quiet ball bearing fan to keep the Karavan warm



For export to the USA, we customise these models to suit the USA market with all the electrics 110V,
and all components NHTSA and DOT compliant.
We are registerred with NHTSA and have a reserved International VIN number.

KING KAMPER Background and Overview

The origin of our Kampers lies in the outback of Australia. Since 1992, over 3000 ‘Kimberley Kampers’ have been produced for the Australian market. The word ‘Kimberley’ in Australia denotes one of the toughest, yet scenic, geographic regions in the North West of Australia. There is little knowledge of the significance of this area in the USA so the common term for the Kimberley Kamper in Australia ‘King’ of the off road was chosen for the USA.

In 2002, the first Kimberley Kamper folding trailers were were sold in the USA. There are over 25 units now in the USA.

The change in the exchange rate of the US$ in 2007 led to a suspension of sales until Sept 2008.

The stronger $US has improved buying power and now the 2008 model is priced from just over US$16,000. See our pricing page. http://www.kingkampers.com/buying/pricing.html

Our Kampers are designed:

• To give you True Camping OFF Road – where you follow your heart
• To be towed behind a SUV / four wheel drive on any road and in any condition that a vehicle can safely travel
• To create a true camping environment where cooking can still be done outside (on the cooker if there is a fire ban on open fires)
• To accommodate 2 adults and with options up to 3 children or 2 young adults
• To be opened for sleeping/living in less than 2 minutes
• To have quick access to the kitchen for road-side stops when the Kamper remains closed
• To have excellent storage throughout the Kamper
• To have water and energy to be self sufficient for short and long stays
• To be free of DUST from the road
• And built with excellent Materials to the highest standard of Manufacture
• Select from the menu to find out more on how we achieve this


Kamper Fridge & Energy

   Fridge and Energy Options

Where in the Kamper do you put the fridge ?
The Gullwing Storage Pak or the SportsRV Unipod can take up to an 85 Quart Fridge..
What is special about The King Kamper Fridge Storage?
The Fridge is stored in a dustproof space. The difficulty is that fridges need ventilation to operate efficiently. There is a fan forced ventilation system with industrial filters that keeps the air flowing but filters out the dust. The fan is a special Japanese ball bearing unit that is whisper quiet.
Our experience with fridges is that the eutectic chest type of unit works most efficiently. Upright conventional fridges loose all their cold energy every time the unit is opened and it is very difficult to have a freezer/fridge option that works effectively. 3 way fridges are not practical in traveling as the propane unit takes some time to settle down.
Can we have a fridge with a freezer ?
Yes. Most of the manufacturers are now incorporating a freezer as either a separate unit or with the feature of separating the bottom layer with polyethylene board.
Can I have a fridge in the Kamper and a freezer in the vehicle on the same battery system?
Yes. The best way to configure this is to have the vehicles unit wired in such a way that when the vehicles ignition is turned off, it isolates the vehicle’s fridge/freezer from the vehicles battery and allows the vehicles’ fridge/freezer to draw on the Kampers battery system through the standard 7 pin socket that connects the Kamper to the vehicle. We used this configuration for our 2003 Test trek with a 78Quart Autofridge in the Kamper and a 85 Quart Waeco unit in the Vehicle. This was very successful. There was 140Ah capacity in the Kamper for this Trek.

Energy Capacity

In typical moderate to high temp conditions with typical usage*

No of Typical Days Energy Capacity without other power source

King Kamper Selected Battery capacity

140Ah 210Ah

Fridge up to 40 quarts

6 8

Fridge up to 80 quarts

3 4.5
No of Typical Days Energy Capacity without other power source but
With 100W Solar Panel running 6 hours/day at 70% capacity
Fridge up to 40 quarts
indefinite indefinite
Fridge up to 80 quarts 28 indefinite
No of Typical Days Energy Capacity without other power source but
With a 3hp Generator and ONLY 5 gallons gas
Fridge up to 40 quarts
40 40
Fridge up to 80 quarts 21 21


Kamper Heater Pak

Heater Pak

Our Kampers are available with an optional Heater Pak which has a 6,824.28 BTU per hour diesel fired heater. It is 2Kw with remote control unit at bed head for temperature control.

The intake and exhaust for the heater is external to the Kamper with the internal air for the Kamper passing over a high efficiency heat exchanger. The diesel is supplied froma small 1 gallon fuel tank.

This has been tested with excellent results. With an outside ambient of 2 degrees centigrade (36 degress F) , the heater was able to maintain an inside ambient of 17 degress centigrade (60 degrees F) on one third the power. On full power of 2Kw, the Campers temperature rose to 27.8 degrees c(78 degrees F).

This UNIT NEEDS 9 Amps of power on startup, after which it uses 1 A per hour (12Watts) on a low setting and 2A per hour on a high setting.. Because of the high startup load, it can only be used with Campers with at least 140Ah of Battery capacity.

The heater consumes about 1 gallon diesel in 14 hours at full load and can have a duct fitted to heat the external annex tent space around the kitchen . In the test case, it used less then 0.18 liters per hour at the one third thermostat setting. This means a 20 liter (5 US Gallons) Jerry will give 110 hours of heat or 14 days at about 8 hours/day