Sustainable Energy - Hot Shower Pak

Buying Kimberley Kampers for USA Customers

There are 2 Hot Water Systems available from Kimberley

1. Compact Diesel Hot Water system with Visiflow (capable of pumping from stream or billabong for continous hot water)


Notes from Test Trek 2008:

We have had the diesel hot water for 2 years now with excellent results from the field (no known issues in over 260 units fitted).

However, we reconfigured the system to make it even more compact and directly installed the outside hot/cold extendable shower to make it easier to use on the fly. We hosed down (using river water) several items every day. We used the diesel hot water a total of 52 times on a 10 day Test Trek.

It takes only 4-5mins to reach temperature and is virtually instantaneous.

Our Visiflow system managed to lift a 3.5- 4m head of water out of the Darling with acceptable pressure.

The fine filter on the cold supply to the sink meant I drank the filtered river water instead of water from the second tank of “Sydney” water on several occasions. It was a little dry to the taste but perfectly fine with coffee.

The overall vote by all members on the Test Trek is “No1 for the diesel hot water”. It saved endless time in boiling the billy for washing up, which for nine of us took several sessions.


Compact Diesel Hot Water Pack and Hot Water at the sink